Tuesday, October 25, 2011

the color of perfect eye shadow can be a daunting task

Find the color of perfect eye shadow can be a daunting task. In this day and age, cosmetic companies are competing to see who can get away with more nuance than the other. Add to the mix the issue of hues and contrasts, and eye shadow options can be downright confusing. The choice of eye shadow you choose depends entirely on the goal you have in mind. Are you going to shine for a night on the town? Do you want your eyes look bigger? Would you like your eye color to go around the world? Regardless of your main objective, each eye shadow can be complemented with an eye shadow color perfect. Just need some advice to start before you start looking at the blades.

If you want your eyes look bigger, you want to add the natural colors of your eyes. This is where the process of eye shadow all began, and how he still has that name. The shadow gives the viewer within an illusion of size, if, indeed, a shadow has been cast in the eye. Natural colors give the illusion of a bigger eye without even applying the art of luxury. The key is knowing what your natural color, and the best way to determine it is to find the natural color that best suits your eye tone. The color is a spectacular black eye and it works well on skin tone and eye color. The black is in itself a natural color and creates natural shadows. Browns are also popular choices for creating natural shadows, as it is a neutral tone that also work through the skin tones and are independent of eye color. Go for a darker brown, if you are looking for a dramatic shadow and a lighter if you want a more subtle effect.

If you want your eyes to stand out, choose shadow tones that contrast the color of the eyes. Again, if the eye shadow contrasts your eye color, skin tone is irrelevant, because the two complement each other perfectly. Blue and brown are the colors of contrast, so if your eyes are blue then choose brown tones unlike his eyes. The same goes for the opposite direction. If you have brown eyes, choose shades of blue for contrast your eye color and make your eyes stand out. Brown and green are the colors contrast well and work the same way of contrast features brown and blue. Whatever your eye color, choose a contrasting tone.

Apply eye shadow is not exactly the simplest of things, but it's not as difficult as some might think. You can learn to frame your eyes to produce a seductive look. This takes practice, but you can totally dominate the style of the implementation of what works best for your eye shape and face.

What works for one woman who is not exactly work for everyone, so you may need to be open to the idea of ​​trying a lot of styles before settling on eye shadow of the firm. Here are some tricks and tips that can help you develop your own style.

1. Remember that the goal is to improve the color of the eyes. In choosing colors, it is best to get one that matches your eye color or contrast well for a more dramatic effect. You can go far, but make sure you can carry it out effectively.

2. Three basic colors are needed for implementation: the base, the marker and the main color. It is best to start with a light color and work your way up to a darker one.

3. Remove layers from mixing effectively. Make sure that even if you are using three colors for eyes, which will be in harmony with each other. Blend the colors very well for a more robust and attractive look.

4. Hide wrinkles, avoiding bright eyes. Some people think that glow is good, but it is not recommended, especially if you're trying to hide wrinkles.

5. Consider other elements distribution by deciding in his eye eye shadow. If you have used a spectacular type of lipstick, then it would be best to go easy on the eyes and choose a lighter color.

6. If you want a glossy effect to the eyes, use a bright color such as white to make sure you achieve it.

7. Eye shadow is the second first mascara. Avoid those nasty marks that can be developed from the mask. Mascara is good as a finishing touch to your eyes and your makeup shade serves as the base.

8. Makeup Corrector comes after the application of the eyes. Make sure your concealer and powder is applied after eye shadow. When applying makeup, the shade should be your top priority, because it's less annoying and goes to the overall theme of your eyes.

9. Use different eyeshadow brushes to create effects. Tipped brush will help distribute the color more effectively. Advice wet sponge will also ensure that the color much longer than when applied dry eye shadow.
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PurpleMramblings- eyeshadow-33
PurpleMramblings- eyeshadow-34
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PurpleMramblings- eyeshadow-37
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