Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Part of a healthy lifestyle should include also be free of chemicals that our bodies can get rid o

We all know that we give our bodies the greatest care and attention it needs, however, we are bombarded every day our bodies with chemicals we use. Either from the food we eat, the clothes we wear, or the products we use in our bodies as soaps and lotions, and cosmetics, there are certain chemicals that come into contact with our body every day.

Part of a healthy lifestyle should include also be free of chemicals that our bodies can get rid of. In addition to eating organic foods, you should also try to use organic cosmetics. This is very important because we only have these bodies to live for the rest of our lives, so it's fair that we give attention as much as possible.

If you think your current cosmetics brand does not use or chemicals, then think again. A simple review of the label will show various acids and other chemicals that, surprisingly, put on our faces every day in the promise of lighter or skin wrinkle free. Actually, there are two big advantages when choosing organic products, including cosmetics, which include cosmetics. Here's a closer look at the two benefits:

1. Organic cosmetics are best for our bodies and our health.

Organic based cosmetics are best for our bodies and health in the way that organic food is. Chemicals that our body absorbs in silence as coal tar, lead, mercury and other chemicals with different levels of toxins are usually found in cosmetics that promise to make your face smooth and our complexion better. Coal tar, for example, is a known carcinogen and lead and mercury does not do wonders for anyone's health. Imagine what years of use of cosmetic ingredients can do for our bodies. Sponsoring cosmetics organic base, we actually do our bodies a favor.

2. Organic cosmetics are better for the environment.

Think of it this way - the less we use chemicals, the better for the environment. Simple, right? The more condescending organic based cosmetics and other means less demand for those items that make use of chemicals. This also means less production of such products and therefore less use of chemicals and their waste products that can harm us and the environment in which we live is actually quite simple and it's really a matter of choice. If you care for yourself and the environment, we must be advocates for the use of products based on organic chemistry.

When it comes to quality, there are plenty of organic-based cosmetics that work in the same way that chemicals based on doing. Although it may be made of organic ingredients, color, hard hours, and basically, the look and feel of organic cosmetics are the same as those otherwise. So next time you go to buy cosmetics, read the label and choose organic. It is better for you and the environment.

As our nation is to make healthier choices in organic foods, we still have a long way to go. One area that is still very high in the U.S. is the cosmetics industry. It is important to know how to choose the best organic cosmetics and what to avoid.

Many cosmetics and personal care products in the U.S. contain very harmful ingredients that are known or probable links to cancer, birth defects and other serious health problems. Not only are the cosmetics and personal care manufacturers can use almost any ingredient they choose in their products, but these products are regulated minimally if at all.

Currently there is a huge market trend "natural" cosmetics, including everything from items for baby care deodorant and toothpaste. But do not be fooled by this label ambiguous. "Natural" may simply mean that a product contains a small amount of ingredients derived from natural sources, organic or not.

Even "organic" products may contain harmful toxic ingredients. A product labeled "certified organic" must contain at least 95% organically produced ingredients and a product "organic" on the label must be at least 70% organic ingredients. The problem lies in the remaining 5% -30%, which are basically left to the discretion of the manufacturer. A product may contain organic lavender and aloe, but also contain synthetic preservatives. Therefore, unless a product is labeled as "100% organic" you had better know what to look for on the label.
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