Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A popular choice in natural and organic cosmetics

There is a growing movement throughout the world including the United Kingdom that seeks to use natural and minimally processed ingredients in cosmetics. The wisdom is that if natural foods can benefit the body, organic natural cosmetics can do the same. Here's some information about the natural makeup and its benefits.

There are many benefits associated with using natural skin care cosmetics would be difficult to list them all. Natural products are ideal for sensitive skin and will not cause roughness, redness or rash. One of the most important qualities is that organic makeup is not comedogenic, which means it will not clog pores. If you have allergies, natural organic cosmetics are less likely to cause reactions such as hives or itching.

More benefits of natural and organic cosmetics

Because they are made without dyes, fragrances and synthetic chemicals, natural cosmetics are virtually harmless to the skin. They may also contain ingredients that attract and bind water to the skin and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Natural makeup is easy to apply and lasts much longer than commercial products.

A popular choice in natural and organic cosmetics

One of the latest trends in natural cosmetics is mineral makeup. These are pure powders, loose in various shades of foundation, blush, eye shadow and eyeliner applied with a brush. Although mineral makeup may seem more expensive, it is important to note that it is very concentrated, so a little goes a long way. This makeup is also very versatile and multifunctional. Eye shadow can be used as a coating, for example. Foundation and blush can be mixed with a sun-kissed glow.

Mineral makeup usually comes in a wide, flat bottle with a screw cap. To use these healthy and organic products, or filtered tap a small amount of base in the top of the bottle. Take your larger brush and remove makeup with a circular motion. Tap the handle of the brush at the edge of bowl to remove any excess. Then, the composition is rubbed on the face more or less circular. Using a large brush separately, repeat the process with mineral blush applied to cheeks, forehead, chin and jaw. Buff on Mineral eye shadow with horizontal movements. All you need is a touch of lipstick and mascara to complete this look polished and natural.

Let's look at the cosmetic and beauty products. In particular, the differences between regular and organic cosmetics up. I think there are many reasons for us to take a serious look at the use of all natural and organic cosmetics, as a method to achieve a greener planet.

We spend millions of dollars each year in the U.S. in many cosmetics and skin products. How many of us really understand the impact of products on our planet? How many of us do not even have any idea what is in all tubes, bottles and compact? A better question yet, what about the impact of the ingredients in our bodies? If you think about it, all applied to the skin is absorbed. This means that all the nasty chemicals in most cosmetics are being absorbed into the bloodstream, and everything we take in that affects us.

Many of the cosmetics on the shelves of stores today are full of petroleum products, parabens different, and a prey whole strange ingredients must have a chemical score pronounce. Many of these ingredients have been banned in Canada, which have been linked to cancer and other diseases. This means it is time to wake up to the ladies. If Canada believes that this material is harmful enough to require manufacturers to remove from their products, then you should take this into consideration.

There are many simple changes we can do in cosmetic products we buy to make a purchase more environmentally friendly. For example, the purchase of products that offer refills results in less waste in landfills. Another option would be buying organic products in recyclable packaging. These small changes in our buying habits have an impact on the amount of waste we produce, but I'm not sure that alone is enough.

I think the change we need to do is buy organic cosmetics instead. True, it may be a little more expensive than traditional makeup, but well worth bearing in mind the overall reduction in the impact that the product has on our planet. Certified organic cosmetics automatically have a smaller footprint, simply by the difference in the way they do. Organic cosmetics are usually herbal, and usually organically grown plants as well. This means they are grown without the use of pesticides, insecticides or herbicides. No toxic chemicals added during processing and packaging is most often made from recycled materials too.
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