Tuesday, October 25, 2011

hair cut that looks as if it never quite cut the hair stylist in the same way every time

Have you ever wondered why when you go to get your hair cut that looks as if it never quite cut the hair stylist in the same way every time? If this has happened more times than not, then let me explain.

There are many things to keep in the factors, one of which is visiting the same stylist every time? Are you a relatively new client? Are you getting regular haircuts? What is the weather outside is hot and humid, cold, wet or dry? Is your style in a more creative mood than last time? Does your hair stylist to have a good memory? Are you explaining your haircut with the correct terms? It is the stylist to understand fully what you want?

The easiest way to explain is that this is to explain how hair grows first. The hair usually grows about 1 / 2 "hair a month. It also does not grow evenly throughout the head. Some areas of the head grows faster than other, more hair is thinner and thinner in some areas of the head than others.

What does all this when it comes to getting your hair cut? Well ... Let's say you get your hair cut every 4 weeks and then get to work and not go back at 7 weeks. His hair has grown by 3 weeks and the hair has changed so drastically, depending on how fast your hair grows. Each week we spend more of the above quote makes finding previous lines haircut drive. Also, if you are a new style that has been only a couple of times you may not remember you or your hair cut so it is very important to be able to find these lines.

The weather can also affect it. If once you go and it's cold outside and the next time you go it is wet then your haircut can be different. It may seem longer or shorter than normal or texture may look different. So when your stylist is going to cut your hair, your creative eye sees something different and can cut the hair a little differently to adapt to change.

What about style? If your stylist does not have a good memory of what it might take a couple of times to make the hair to remind you and your haircut. Is this something bad? No, just make sure you explain it the same way each time until you are sure to remember the haircut or to take a few pictures with your phone to help them remember.

What happens to your stylist to be in a more creative mood? Maybe her stylist went to a class of new haircut and has learned a new technique. Based on what your hair is doing that day, the stylist can decide to use one of these techniques. If the technique worked for the hair to make sure you tell them that the next time you go. You may not remember the last time they did and if your hair is doing something different than it was before the time can not remember your account.

Being able to explain what you want with the right terms: Say you're having trouble finding the words to describe what you want. Please do not use the terms you are unsure or does not really describe what you're looking for. This can lead to misunderstandings huge and you can get something that did not. There are better ways to get what you are looking for. One way is to put in the photos, if you find several photos, but only as a thing in every picture is fine.

It is difficult to cut your hair? Why and How to cut the hair in perfect condition? Hair usually grows at a maximum rate of 2 cm per month, in the head, unless they are in bold. In the past, cave people do not cut their hair. Lacked the tools and the reason. After all, hair and body hair and comforting heated - unless live lice on it! Long hair messy and wild can not be used as a comfortable mattress, but also serves as an excellent method to hide much of an ugly face!

Long hair needs a lot of care and maintenance to keep it free of tangles. Since they had no combs, shampoos and hair conditioners back then, you can imagine what a mess itchy head of hair. Sometime early man realized that it would be much more useful for getting rid of hair, and avoid getting stuck in the woods, while chasing after his plea or a woman.

You see, long hair, though beautiful, can be dangerous for a man when he is engaged in a fight or battle, as the enemy can grab by the hair.
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